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Vodou Learning CD's and Vodou Lessons

Learning Compact Discs

For quite some time now, people have been asking after learning Vodou songs. The problem is that most cds out on the market contain drumming, tcha tchas, and other background music, so it can be difficult to learn the songs. While I don't claim to have the best voice in the world, I can sing clearly enough to help you learn them.

I sing the songs slowly enough so that you can learn and sing along.

We currently have two Learn Vodou Songs CD's available, with or without their printed lyrics:

Rada Part 1

  • 1 Gran Chemen #1
  • 2 Gran Chemen #2
  • 3 Gran Chemen #3
  • 4 Legba
  • 5 Legba
  • 6 Legba
  • 7 Marassa
  • 8 Marassa
  • 9 Loko
  • 10 Loko
  • 11 Ayizan
  • 12 Ayizan
Petro Part 1
  • 1. Komance Maji
  • 2. Bode Petro
  • 3. Legba Petro
  • 4. Kafou
  • 5. Kafou
  • 6. Kafou
  • 7. Ezili Danto
  • 8. Ezili Danto
  • 9. Gran Bwa
  • 10. Gran Bwa
  • 11. Simbi
  • 12. Simbi
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Vodou Lessons

Houngan Hector will now be offering a series of Vodou lessons directed at different aims, so that you can further learn the Vodou tradition. The Vodou tradition is typically taught from initiator to initiate and as such, it is quite difficult to make any headway into the tradition without a guide. Most books contain no information on how to do things correctly and/or misrepresent the tradition itself. These lessons are an opportunity for you, the non-initiate, to become able and competent in helping yourself with different problems you may encounter.

Many have magickal abilities already, yet do not know how to use them. If they do know how, they may be interested in the Vodou way of getting things done. The methodology and materials used in Vodou magick are quite different from other Afro Caribbean traditions. Many books do not teach you how things are done correctly in Vodou, and many authors have never even been to Haiti!

Haitian Vodou is known to have some of the most powerful magick in the world! People particularly know Vodouisants for their ability to cast "hexes" on their enemies, although this is not the only thing we do or excel at.

For the first time, you will be able to learn true Haitian Vodou magick from an initiated and experienced Houngan. Now, these are secret recipes for reaching all sorts of goals in your life. Learn the traditional magick! Here are some of the lessons you can get your hands on:

  • The proper way to start doing work

    Highly recommended to anyone who will purchase any of the other lessons

    - Lesson description here

  • A Spiritual Cleansing

    - Lesson description here

  • Opening your gates to the positive

    - Lesson description here

  • Clearing out obstacles

    - Lesson description here

  • Love Magic

    - Lesson description here

  • Money Magic

    - Lesson description here

  • Punishing an enemy

    - Lesson description here

I will only be offering these lessons for a limited time. These are traditional works of Haitian Vodou, and are not specifically tailored for your goals. There are two options:

You can buy the lesson itself. The instructional materials will be sent to you. You will have to gather your own supplies to do the work.


You can receive a complete package with the instructions and all the needed ingredients in order to do the work! All herbs are handpicked by Haitian Vodouisants, in Haiti, and sent to me via postal mail which I then consecrate for your use, in your work. Haitian powders are within the package, which are produced in Haiti by a number of Houngans that are related to our House. A few of the materials will need to be gathered by you, but all such materials will be readily available to you wherever you are located! You will find that these materials and the s imbued within them cannot be located anywhere else in the world!

Get these lessons here

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