Vodou Magic Spell Against Enemies
“Many men, many many many men, wish death upon me
Lord I don’t cry no more, don’t look to the sky no more
Have mercy on me! Have mercy on my soul.
Somewhere my heart turn gold
Sunny days wouldn’t be special if it wasn’t for rain
Joy wouldn’t feel so good, if it wasn’t for pain
Blood in my eye and I can’t see, I trying to be what I am destined to be,
and people trying to take my life away.
Now it’s clear I’m here for a real reason.”
-50 cent
Enemies are one of the many things that seek to hinder us on life’s path. Other problems include sickness, lack of money, and just hate. The negativity sent by an individual to another can cause harm. Unfortunately, even the most beloved individual in the world has enemies. It’s inevitable!Enemies can cause you to lose your job, spread gossip, illness, financial problems, domestic issues, and more. I know individuals who have been physically ill due to the work of their enemies. As such, some hate you more than others. They do more and more damage.

Sometimes you will see that everything is just falling apart in your life. This may or may not be due to your enemies. The best way to discover the root of your problem is to have a leson. When the root is fixed, the other problems often dissipate and resolve without any other work.

Some people give off what is known as the evil eye. Their hatred and/or jealousy projects through their eyes causing problems for the victim of this attack. Often times Houngans and Mambos see this when they meet the person. Depending on the deepness of the jealousy or hatred and the spiritual power of that person, the evil eye can cause small problems all the way the ruining of someone’s life.

The treatment of the evil eye varies from person to person. The person very often will have baths, cleansings, and removals administered. The victim will also need protections to stop it from reoccurring. I often suggest to my clients that they have me mount a chain for them.

A “chen monte” or mounted chain is a protection that is placed within a necklace to protect the wearer from the evil eye. A Houngan will place a spirit within the chain to protect the person. Rings are also mounted many times, known as “bag monte” in Kreyol.

The person may alternately be given an Aret (stopping charm) or something to carry for protection. Many of these works will let the person know when real danger is around. Again the severity of the effects will often determine what is needed.

Other times enemies just get in the way. At work, co-workers may spread gossip, be difficult to work with, and refuse to cooperate. A Houngan can resolve your problem by doing a work to tie people’s mouths.

Then there are those enemies who choose to attack individuals through the use of magick. In the Vodou worldview, when someone is doing harm to you, you have the right to reverse it and attack that person in return. Death magick is not rare as are other types of magic to take care of enemies.

When someone has been the victim of aggressive magick, that person will need to undergo cleansings and protections. People who are severely attacked are advised to have a gad.

A gad is a guard. A Lwa or djab is placed within a cut made upon the body. The cut doesn’t hurt and isn’t deep. Gads protect people from negative magic and other general misfortunes. There are a number of different gads for protection from different things and different types of magic.

The person then has the opportunity to decide whether or not they will attack in return. The person can have work done to make that individual move, be harmed, or go away peacefully and turn the tables. Sometimes the method of this magick is through the use of a procedure known as an Expedition.
You can learn more about an Expedition here.

We are fortunate to have the Vodou tradition, as it has many great ways to resolve all sorts of problems.


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