Fet Gede 2006

Fet Gede 2006

Service composed of offerings for the Gede Lwa.

Fete Gede, the Feast of the Dead, is a time when Vodouisants celebrate the ancestral dead who walk with us all our lives. Gede is an important part of every living person as we will all join them eventually.

The Gedes are feasted on November 2nd. In the Catholic Church, this is known as all souls day. Our Sosyete is no different, we celebrate the Lwa Gede as does every other Society in Haiti. Gede is beloved by all.

The Gede Lwa are amazing. They are known for their ability to prophesize, heal, and protect as well as for their magickal abilities. As well as their magickal aptitude, they are known for their humor and their focus on sex. Gede are extremely fun Lwa to be around and they provide the comic relief often needed at the end of a long Vodou dance. They are saluted at the end of a ceremony, although they are known to show up whenever they desire.

The Gedes live in the cemetery. Before our ceremonies to the Gede here at our home, we go to the cemetery and pay respects. Before every cemetery, one must go through the crossroads and we ask Met Kafou to give us passage so that we can attend to the dead.

The Gede are wild. They dance the Banda, which imitates sexual intercourse in a very crude fashion. They dance with a cane, known as baton Gede, and often use this to signify their penises!!!!

They are very concerned with fertility, sex and healing. As such, they are the special protectors of children and they watch over them to make sure they become strong adults. Strong adults have sex and create children, thus the Gede encourage the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Gede also knows what no one else may. Having the knowledge of the first people to ever roam the planet, there is nothing that they have not seen or maybe even done themselves.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different Gedes. Just as many people as have died, so are there as many Gede. There are Gede who only speak Kreyol, others who speak Spanish, others who speak English, and others who speak many other languages all together.

The Gede Lwa arrive!

Gede Lwa at work . . .

Baron Lakwa, the Father of the Gede, frequently makes appearances at our House. This year was no different. Unfortunately, we were so busy taking care of him that we didn’t capture any pictures of him. But we did get some pictures of the Gede that rides in my head.

My Gede comes from Leogane, and is known for his uncanny ability to tell the future and create fast acting magickal works. He loves to consult and sits on the floor. How a Leogane Gede came to follow me, I don’t know!!!! But during my time living in Haiti, I often visited a peristyle in Leogane and I am good friends with the Houngan of that peristyle. It looks like a Gede there must’ve followed me home.

These are all some pictures of our Gede ceremonies, I hope you enjoy them. Though Fet Gede was over a month ago, the Gede Lwa are around us all the time. So please enjoy the presence of the Gede Lwa in your life.

The Gede Lwa – while in possession of Houngan Hector’s body – consult with humans, who ask for glimpses into the future or advice on several matters
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