Houngan Pa Bondye

“Houngan Pa Bondye”

Papa Simbi, Simbi, Simbi Makaya
Houngan Pa Bondye, ou pa we
Milimine pou moun yo
M’achte balen nan, se pou’m pale a djab mwen
M’achte balen nan, se pou’m pale ak pwen mwen

This is a very great song sung to Simbi Makaya, the master of magicians in the Petro rite, stating that a Houngan (or Mambo) is not God. That is exactly what I want to talk about here. I often have clients that come to me stating that so-and-so did a wanga and it did not work or promised them something he/she could not deliver.

Houngans and Mambos are not God. If someone promises you that they can control or force someone to love you, they are lying to you. We can encourage a person to have good feelings towards you, we can encourage someone to make the first move – in other words – we can give your intended a shove in the right direction. We can get him/her to notice you. But if the individual absolutely and truly despises you, we cannot force that individual to be with you. I know you will hear some people promising you exactly that, but do not fall prey to their scams.

Usually these scammers do not know what they are doing in the first place. Many don’t have much (if any) spiritual power to begin with. They usually aggravate your situation. Their actions are atrocious, to say the least, and can be cruel and damaging.

There is one such scammer online. She gives out incomplete initiation ceremonies which in turn are very harmful to the recipients. Unfortunately, this is a horrible truth which happens all the time. You would think that this person would be ashamed of her actions, but she isn’t. Nor are any of the other scammers that can be run into.

When people come here with stories of people scamming them, I become highly irritated that there are such people around. I know that it will be a short time before the spirits punish these people. I believe that when someone takes on some sort of spiritual work and does not do it, whatever problem they promised to cure will happen to them. They will experience the same problems in their own life!

Unfortunately, some spiritual workers take advantage of individuals. They will prey on someone who is desperate, depressed, insecure, or in some other way in need. They may promise you that they can give you anything and everything. Let me give you an example:

While I was in Haiti, my sister went to see a “psychic” because I was not available and she was feeling kind of sad. She had just recently broken up with a boyfriend, so she went for a reading, with a friend, and she was told a whole bunch of general things. Then the “psychic” said to my sister: “I can fix all your problems, if you pay me such and such amount to light some candles at my altar.” Luckily, my sister is well informed enough to know better. My sister did give the woman her phone number. Later on she called and said to my sister: “You have a whole bunch of jealousy around you, I need to give you a cleaning for 17000 dollars.” 17000 DOLLARS! WOY, WOY, WOY!

Now, if that were the case, the “psychic” should have told her this during the reading. That is the first thing. Second, 17000 dollars for a cleaning is thievery. Plain and simple.

We are here to help people. We are here to serve God and Ginen. I usually suggest a reading before a wanga, so that clients may be further informed whether or not the wanga is even worth doing. A reading before the wanga can help a lot; it can tell you whether or not the desired individual has a leaning towards you, whether chemistry can be encouraged between you two, whether the individual can see you in a romantic light, whether he/she does not already, and whether it could be achieved with a work.

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