Sanse – Overview

Sanse – Overview


Sanse is a tradition of Spiritism that is mixed with
other influences. In this tradition, Haitian and
Dominican Vodou are mixed with Espiritismo de La Mesa Blanca. This tradition is geared towards
elevating all of the spiritual tableaus and frameworks
that an individual may have with him or her.A spirit is a body of energy that is supposed to evolve
in order to become better. You are a spirit, encased
in a body. A spiritual tableau or framework are various
and distinct spirits that become close to a person.
Through this person they are able to work and act within the physical world. Spiritual tableaus and
frameworks are made up of all sorts of entities that
can be from many different places. For example Arabs,
Chinese, Africans, Indians, etc. Within a spiritual
tableau and framework there will be a variety of
Evolved and Non-Evolved spirits.Non-Evolved Spirits are known as Dark Spirits,
Holdback Spirits (holds the person back in their evolution),
Trial Spirits, Dragging Spirits (drags the person through life)
etc. These are spirits that have yet to evolve, thus they
do not desire to leave the physical and material things.
They do not want to follow the laws of the spiritual world.
They desire to live through the body of those whom
they attach to. Thus they use the body of the individual to reach their pleasures. People knowing the non-evolved
state of these spirits also use them for bad magic.
These Spirits need a lot of light.Everyone has a spiritual guide. Those who dedicate
themselves to spiritual evolution often know who their
guide is. As that individual lives life with love, mercy,
and generosity, so will the guide evolve and receive
light as well, whether the individual knows and serves
the guide or not. Those who live by greed, hatred, and evil,
cause not only themselves to be set back spiritually but
their guide as well. People who have sacrificed their life
to be able to evolve spiritually and have communication with
their guides and their spiritual tableaus and frameworks are
known as mediums. Thus they labor to perform charity and
mercy wherever it needs to be done. The medium is the
instrument of his spiritual tableau and framework in its
spiritual labor and evolution.Mediums come in a variety of grades. There are many types,
and many levels of evolution. They can be those who become
possessed. Others can see (divinate). Others hear the spirits.
Then there are those who communicate through automatic writing,
others remove causes (things that cause a problem in a person’s life),
others heal, and some have a variety of these skills combined
in several ways.

Mediums must evolve physically and spiritually; thus they
reach new levels of power and light.
Through The Three Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity,
much evolution can be achieved, but they must also evolve
their manner of thinking and doing things.
One who evolves in one and not the other will still be held back.

Initiation into Sanse speeds up the spiritual evolution of the individual.
It also assists in making that person a better medium for their spiritual
tableau and framework. Also, initiation removes Cause Spirits, which cause the medium to be held back from his or her further evolution.

Cause is the word that refers to what holds us back in life.
In this tradition, there are no coincidences, there are causes.
Different types of spirits often cause problems for us within
life because they are non-evolved. Some things we have caused
as well, through the Law of Cause and Effect.

Sanse is different from Mesa Blanca in that it also deals with
Loas or Misterios, as they are known. There are various forms of
these spirits known in different parts of the world, such as
in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Africa. Within Sanse,
a variety of new Loa (Lwa) show up. They are very quick to apply
solutions, much faster than other spirits. The initiation into
Sanse is a process in which one starts to receive communication
and foundation from these entities. These entities come to
reinforce and give power to the spiritual tableau and framework
of an individual. Thus these ceremonies are much more complicated than Mesa Blanca Spiritism.

Unfortunately, many individuals are not initiating people into
these mysteries correctly. What should be a process of four days,
takes them three and therefore the new Sancista suffers for it.
The new Sancista will often find it difficult to spiritually evolve
and communicate well, and the ability to communicate and remain
in contact with his or her spiritual tableaus and frameworks
is highly important, because within the Sanse tradition the initiator
rarely teaches after initiation.

The reason for this is that after one’s initiation into Sanse,
the spiritual tableau and framework of the individual will come
to that individual
. It will start to teach that individual how
to work with it
. The Spirits themselves are your teacher and in time,
little by little, all of your spiritual tableaus and frameworks
will reveal themselves to you and teach you how they desire
to be served and worked with.

Now, many people are initiating others into Sanse. An initiation
that should take several days can take as little as two hours!!!!!!
This is scandalous and evil to say the least! These individuals
aren’t even baptizing the individual correctly, or performing
the correct ceremonies for them. The tools aren’t being given.
It is a complete mess. Then when it is time for the new initiate
to begin, he/she is at a complete loss.
In Sanse, other than the initiation, the initiator is there for
the initiate only if the individual is confused about something
that their spiritual tableau and framework may have asked
them to do. Since the Spirits teach directly, very little
is needed from the initiator except for the initiation itself.
The initiator is there to clarify if there is confusion.


Sanse Religion


If you are interested in learning more about or becoming an initiate in the Sanse tradition, please contact me.

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