Funny Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Laugh

rd.comBut it sometimes seems as if strangers will say anything to

girlgetsringblog.netFunny Things To Say To Your

rd.comSTATEMENT: Good luck with your twins! I have a 6-month old baby and couldn't

girlslife.comIf a guy is around his friends an make a rude comment about you dont take

athriftymom.comkids say such silly things

digital-photography-sc...Your Best Lines To Make Clients Laugh or Act Natural

cnn.comto make them laugh. Women

girlslife.comCorny jokes make him laugh. 68. Why don't aliens eat clowns?

dating360.infoYou make me think dirty

rd.comYou're sure going to have your hands full! TRANSLATION: Your kids are going

rd.comSTATEMENT: Get all the sleep you can now. TRANSLATION: You are never going

rd.comTRANSLATION: You will never again have time to (insert activity) once the

gwaynemiller.comI don't think we have a

wikihow.comsimply say hey but make

wikihow.coma chance to make him fall

girlgetsringblog.netFunny Things To Say To Your

jezebel.comPsychiatry News has a piece

rd.comTRANSLATION: Did you conceive your twins naturally, or with the help of

rd.comMy pedicurist gleefully announced during my 33rd week that I'd developed a

slate.comEvery once in a while, I make

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