Templo de La Santisima Trinidad

Templo de La Santisima Trinidad

Templo de La Santisima Trinidad ceremony table

Mesa Blanca TableEspiritismo is built upon three virtues, they are Faith, Hope and Charity.As such, I have been called to demonstrate and implement those virtues by opening a Centro. A Centro is a location where Espiritistas get together and hold a Misa (Spanish for Mass, and the name of an Espiritismo ceremony within the context of this essay) in order to both develop their spiritual abilities and perform charity by helping other individuals with those God Given Gifts.

I am inviting those of you who wish to grow spiritually, enhance your faculties, and improve your spiritual connection to join. We are located in Southern New Jersey and those of you who wish to join should keep this in mind. Located about 20 minutes east of Philadelphia, and about 40 minutes west of Atlantic City.

The only requirements for joining are: Respect, Devotion to Spiritual Growth and Development, Regular Attendance, and the Ability to work in Harmony and Unity with a group of like minded individuals.

We will hold two meetings per month. The first is for the core group of developing mediums to learn and further develop in a closed circle. The second meeting will be a Misa De Caridad (Charity Mass) and as the name implies, we do not charge for attendance, and it is open to the public.

In order to truly develop your mediumship, before joining you should be aware that regular attendance is essential. You cannot truly develop while coming only once in a while or on an on again off again basis. I will be as devoted to teaching the core group of mediums as the core group is devoted to learning and developing.

If you are interested in being a part of the core group, you can contact me by clicking here

Masses will be held in English. According to tradition, there will be no charge to attend or to join the core group of Espiritistas. Donations of flowers, Florida water, candles, and cash are welcome.