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Mesa Blanca Frequently Asked Questions
1. What should I wear when attending?


You should dress casually. Light colors are usually preferred, but casual dress is fine, any color. It is a good idea to avoid dark colors.

2. I think I am an Espiritista, how do I know whether I am?

In reality, anyone and everyone can be an Espiritista. Some have a natural knack for it. If you can already see, hear, or feel the Spirits, you may find that you do well. There are many ways to develop your abilities. Joining a group, such as our Centro De La  Trinidad (Trinity Spiritual Center) is suggested, however, any group you join will require regular attendance.

3. I am a Medium, do you have a group?

Yes, Centro De La  Trinidad (Trinity Spiritual Center) is always accepting developing and advanced mediums. Individuals in the core group work both publicly and privately. We are located in Berlin as well as Oaklyn, NJ and you should keep that in mind.

4. What are typical donations?

Flowers, Florida Water, money, incense, Anil balls and white and Seven Day candles.

5. What do I need to know?

Belief in God is important. You should also know how to pray the Our Father. The Hail Mary is also helpful.

6. When do you perform services open to the public?

If you wish to be notified of when we hold our service, you can sign up for our newsletter below and receive emails which will let you know when our next service is.

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