Charity Sessions

Charity Sessions

Ancestors are so essential to our Spiritual Growth and Development that it’s sometimes hard to believe that many individuals skip honoring Ancestors (by serving them) when trying to start upon the path of Vodou. Others forget about them once they start connecting with Lwa. Ancestors are often the cause of blockages, bad luck in love and finances, sicknesses and ill fortune all around. Sometimes the problems are so severe that they can be difficult to overturn.

Those of you who know me, know that I come from a family of Espiritistas. I was born into and practice Espiritismo a lot. It is a beautiful tradition. A part of my mission as an Espiritista, is to work for charity. Charity Masses are very beautiful and can help everyone in attendance. Attending them is one of the fundamental acts when adhering to and applying the tenets of Espiritismo, which are to display and encourage the Three Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.

What is a Charity Session or Charity Mass (Misa De Caridad in Spanish)?

A Misa De Caridad, or what I call a Charity Session or Charity Mass, is a beautiful Espiritismo ceremony. People who practice Espiritismo can be known as Espiritistas, sometimes also referred to as Mediums. Everyone in attendance benefits from this beautiful service.

When you go to one of these services, you will enter a room which has been prepared for it. On one wall you will see a long table set up. Usually the table has a very simple set up, but do not underestimate its power. A few large clear vases sit on the table, a crucifix, and possibly a few candles.

On the other side, you will see a number of individuals. These are the Espiritistas, they can be at the stage where they are developing their spiritual abilities, or long time Espiritistas. No matter, all benefit from participation. By participating in the Misa De Caridad, the developing Mediums will further develop their abilities and be better developed (you notice I never say developed, in Espiritismo there is always room for growth and further development) Mediums also elevate their spiritual faculties.

Everyone is to come to a unity and harmony of thoughts while praying to God for the Misa to be to everyone’s benefit. Prayers from books are often read, including the Bible and other collections of Prayers for Espiritismo. Almost everyone, if not everyone, sitting in the rows of chairs before the table will be called up to the table. The person will be read by the Mediums. Sometimes spiritually cleansing, special prayers could be directed at that person. There are really a lot of things that can go on during these services. Sometimes recipes, known as prescriptions, are given, sometimes a spirit that has been causing someone issues is removed, etc . . . depending on what is going on.

People benefit from the clairvoyance, cleansing ability, and grace God gives the Mediums to enable them to work, and the mediums heighten/further develop their faculties. Not all Mediums work the same, some see the Spirits (aka Seres), some hear them, some are mounted by them, some channel them, some feel them, and some smell them. Most Mediums, but not all of them, actually have a combination of these abilities, which are developed to different levels.

There is no charge for this service, all that is required is your attendance. Donations are much appreciated. Donations of flowers, white candles, Florida water, and money are much welcome.

We will be opening up a Centro, meaning we will be having bi-weekly meetings, here in Southern New Jersey, about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia.   All are welcome. For further details click here to contact me.