A Sosyete is only a society with Members.  And we are blessed with some of the most talented, spiritually bright and capable individuals within our Sosyete.  Our Members show many talents in all areas of life.  Here are some of our Members:

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MAMBO-SANDYMambo Sandy is the god daughter of Houngan Hector who is runs Soyeste Gade Nou Leve(Watch Us Rise) As God child of Houngan Hector Mambo Sandy has received intensive training, on how to help people with all types of spiritual ailments, and life issues that might present themselves on this wonderful yet challenging journey called life.

Mambo Sandy was raised by her grandmother, who had great knowledge of herbs and other natural remedies,she was raised to pay close attention to her dreams and the signs that nature provide.
Sandy also has a special connection with animals.Which would explain the reason why she always has had some type of pet around her most of her life.
Sandra is a Psychic Medium blessed with the spiritual gifts of empathy and clairaudience clairsentinence. She is also a Clear Channel for the Spiritual Guides and Entities.

She is gifted with the ability to lift causes and spiritual cleansing one’s spiritual body. A healer and gifted Medium,She also has a strong sense of justice and does not like to see injustice done to others in any shape or form.
She has helped many people receive justice, when they were being treated unfairly. Sandy also has the gift of making just the right spiritual bath and or ritual that can help to heal ones spiritual body.

Being an entertainer herself she has helped many people in the entertainment community. Sandra also has the gift of bringing a sense of humor to any situation in a tactful manner.

Website: www.SpiritualConsultationsBySandy.com





11054287_10206008286274366_5456024578962026971_nMaria van Daalen (1950) is a professional poet/author in The Netherlands (Amsterdam region). She has written many books, translated medieval Flemish poetry, organized festivals and taught Dutch and Creative Writing. She was made a Manbo Asogwe in 2007 in Société La Fraicheur Belle Fleur Guinea through Manbo Marie Carmel, and is in this lineage with Sosyete Gade Nou Leve since 2009. Also in this lineage is the young Sosyete Larkansyel Ginen, currently the only Vodou house in The Netherlands. Manbo’s nom vayant is Fouye Racine. Manbo has been the adviser of the Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam) and of the Afrika Museum (Nijmegen) for their exhibitions of Haitian Vodou art objects. Manbo Maria works under the guidance of Papa Hector, with excellent results.


– – –
Maria van Daalen (1950) is een dichter/auteur van Querido in Amsterdam sinds 1989. Zij publiceerde 7 dichtbundels, 1 verhalenbundel, 2 wetenschappelijke artikelen en vele gedichten, verhalen en essays in tijdschriften en kranten. Zij heeft gedoceerd aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Creative Writing) en lesgegeven aan de Schrijversvakschool Amsterdam (poëzie en oudere literatuur). Van Daalen houdt regelmatig lezingen over Haïtiaanse vodou en was adviseur van Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam) en Afrika Museum (Nijmegen) voor hun vodou-kunst-tentoonstellingen. Van Daalen werkt aan een boek over vodou.
In 2007 werd zij op Haïti gewijd als ‘manbo asogwe’ (vodoupriesteres, hoogste graad) in Haïtiaanse vodou. Zij is lid van de vodou-huizen Société La Fraicheur Belle Fleur Guinea en Sosyete Gade Nou Leve; Sosyete Larkansyel Ginen is haar eigen congregatie (Almere). ‘Larkansyel Ginen’ = ‘de regenboog van het paradijs’.
Van Daalens officiële vodou-naam is ‘Fouye Racine Bon Manbo’ (=’de goede priesteres die naar de essentie zoekt’), maar iedereen kent haar als ‘manbo Maria’.
Manbo Maria werkt al jaren voor cliënten. Zij heeft een eigen altaarkamer thuis! Zij doet ‘readings’ (om te zien wat er aan de hand is), ‘cleansings’ (het spiritueel schoonmaken van mensen en huizen – vooral spookhuizen!), kleine en grote inwijdingen (in Nederland en op Haïti) en zij helpt bij alle mogelijke andere vragen, zoals ‘ik wil een nieuwe baan’, ‘ik moet m’n huis verkopen’, ‘ik wil graag een partner’. Zij werkt onder leiding van Papa Hector, met uitstekend resultaat. Haar tarieven zijn schappelijk.
www.mariavandaalen.com/vodou www.vodouinnederland.wordpress.com
– – –
Sosyete Larkansyel Ginen is het eerste (en enige) vodou-huis in Nederland. We zijn nog klein, maar we houden bijeenkomsten en misa’s met onze vodou-familie en vrienden, voor spirituele hulp en advies. Iedereen is welkom. Voor nadere informatie: stuur een mailtje aan mambofouyeracine@gmail.com




1610882_834860829922377_7948033020102997093_n Ti Petro is a houngan sur pwen based in Montreal, Quebec. He works with both hands. He also runs a small online botanica with some hard-to-find Haitian items used for Vodou work and services http://stores.ebay.ca/Colonial-Values/Haitian-Vodou-/_i.html?_fsub=258185219&_sid=375639139&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322


1962760_10155298240905254_6820215217633496863_nKim Huggens is a Hounsi Lave Tet in Sosyete Gade Nou Leve, working in the UK branch of the sosyete. She has been reading and studying Tarot since the age of 9, and is the author of Tarot 101: Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards (Llewellyn 2010), co-creator of “Sol Invictus: the God Tarot” (Schiffer Books, 2007), and the forthcoming “Pistis Sophia: the Goddess Tarot”, with artist Nic Phillips. She is the author of the companion guide to the bestselling Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne, and wrote the extended guide “Complete Guide to Tarot Illuminati”. She is currently working on a second deck with Erik, “Tarot Apokalypsis”, which is due for release in 2016. You can see the Tarot Illuminati here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tarot-Illuminati/283151041725608?fref=ts and the Tarot Apokalypsis here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tarot-Apokalypsis/291635957686519?fref=ts. Kim also gives talks and workshops on Tarot around the world, and most recently delivered a workshop in Texas, USA for The Tarosophy Tarot Association. She also reads for clients from her home and over Skype and email by appointment.

Much of Kim’s other work is centred on mythological and folkloric studies. She has written several papers for anthologies on the subjects, and also edited three anthologies for Avalonia Books: “From a Drop of Water” (2009), “Vs.” (2011) and “Memento Mori” (2012). Some of her work has stemmed from her postgraduate research at Cardiff University, with a thesis on Graeco-Roman Magic and Religion in Late Antiquity, focusing on the use of effigies and necromancy in malefic-erotic magic. She has written several papers on this subject, and gives lectures around the UK.




Spiritual Worker Sophia

Based in the UK, Spiritual Worker Sophia has thirteen years’ experience as a magical worker and priestess. From an early age she was called to do spiritual service and drawn towards God, the Ancestors and the Mysteries. Sophia was a child of LaSiren long before she was born.

As of 2015, Sophia has been taking ceremonies with and learning under her Papa, Houngan Hector, for seven years. She is a proud member of Gade nou Leve and is honoured to be able to work with her spiritual family in the UK, where regular events are held.

Sophia has successfully worked with many satisfied clients over these years both in person and via long-distance, providing workshops, magical work, spiritual readings and the sale of magical and ritual supplies worldwide. She is an Ordained Minister, Spiritual Celebrant and published author.







From a very young age, Shoshana immersed herself in the mysteries of the Kabbala, herbal medicine and healing, the Tarot, energy work, physiology, spirituality and world faith systems. She has worked extensively with shamans and curanderas. Shoshana is a graduate of the Southwestern School of Botanical Medicine. Most proudly, she is an Initiate of the Watch Us Rise Temple where she studies directly under spiritual worker Houngan Hector Salva, a rare position only attained through invitation. Under his disciplined guidance and instruction, Shoshana expanded her understanding and use of spirit and magical works. This led her to be initiated in the tradition as a practicing Sanse Espiritismo Priestess allowing her to help people by contacting the spirit world.
Natural Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist, Medical-Intuitive, Professional Coach.
Personal Statement:
“I am a Sanse Priestess working within the Gade Nou Leve Society. This society is ran by Houngan Hector, who is the world’s leading Sanse Priest, head of the International Society, and carries in his bloodline the origination of the Sanse tradition. As a family member of this temple, I am given the true and real teachings of this art. I feel it is my duty to carry this beautiful tradition forward as it so closely relates to the very special work I have channeled. As a Priestess, my work is to help people heal and to find their own path. I offer classes and readings and Priestess services world wide.”
– Mama Shoshana Des Chenes, Sanse Espiritismo Priestess



Once a Sosyete has grown so large and has so many well trained and qualified priests, it is normal for the Priests to form their own child Sosyetes.  We are blessed to have quite a few ourselves, which we present to you below:


Sosyete Gade Nou Leve #2 is centred in South Wales, UK with members from all over the United Kingdom. Established in 2009, the Sosyete is comprised of the god children of Papa Houngan Hector, and as such we are honoured to receive our training from both our Papa and also the wonderful Houngans and Manbos in his house. As his children, we strive to reflect Papa Hector’s principles and standards in both our services and day to day relations – we are an open and positive group who work together as a family and we welcome people who wish to learn more about the path that we follow. Our members include Hounsi Lave Tet in the Haitian T’cha T’cha lineage as well as Caballos de Misterio within 21 Divisions (Dominican) Vudu. We generally hold four open fets per year at which non initiates are welcome. For details on these, please contact gadenouleveuk@gmail.com



11001708_389358297891947_2560853844021279355_o111 Vassar Ave. Half Moon Bay, California 94019

Priestess Mama Shoshana
Offering Education
Espiritismo Prerequisite to Sanse
Sanse Espiritismo Training / Initiation
Mediumship Classes
Mediumship Coaching Program
Misa Espiritual (No Charge)
Spiritual Counseling
Spirit Work / Possessions
We are known for helping people in need and creating hope. Our classes are complete educational programs with manuals, books and video conferencing. We offer traditional work for a modern world in a beautiful and sacred space. We are committed to expanding and preserving the Sanse Espiritismo tradition with Papa Hector. Under his direction our initiates are versed in the Gade Nou Leve Society’s teachings along with earth based spiritual and personal work. Our students report experiencing deep growth and personal empowerment. As a child temple of Gade Nou Leve we thank our Papa for his trust and support of our flourishing sacred space and temple. Blessings * www.priestessworks.com * youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2VF8ilhTVq9xPMqdvexJzg


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