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Greetings to you!
Hone ak Respe!Honor and Respect!

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Houngan Hector, a senior priest of Haitian Vodou with over 9 years experience in helping people solve their problems. Haitian Vodou is an initiatory tradition, so naturally, I have passed through this process. I was initiated at the rank of Asogwe (the highest rank that can be obtained) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In fact, in my time in Vodou I have passed through this exhilarating initiation twice!

As a Houngan, I provide every one of the most effective services there are for you to make great improvements in your life, and achieve your goals. Many men and women have experienced remarkable and revolutionary changes in their lives after obtaining my help, finding that they get what they want – quickly and easily. I construct pwen, work wanga, perform divination, administer spiritual baths, lead as well as organize ceremonies, and much, much more. Do email me if you need to remove all those things in your life that are causing confusion, agony, and damage to you, and your loved ones. I truly focus on providing authentic and effective services – services that work and get things done, so that you may reach your goals and obtain all those things that are most advantageous to you!

On the following pages, you will find accurate information on this magnificent, life changing tradition. The truth about Haitian Vodou is that finding worthwhile information is an ordeal. You can be sure that I provide you with the most accurate and superior information available. If you have anything in particular that you would like for me to dedicate a page to, feel free to email me. You can be certain that I will give you the most information possible, and that it will be both reliable and superb.

This site will continue to grow larger as time goes by. Vodou is a tradition that takes the span of a lifetime to learn. Even then, one will never be able to know all there is to know about Vodou. I hope you will continue to learn and grow in this tradition with me.

May God and Ginen bless you and your loved ones!

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I am more than happy to help you in any way possible.

Good Luck!


Houngan Hector

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