Belie Belcan

Belie Belcan


Belie Belcan

Belie Belcan, associated with Saint Michael, is the defender of truth, justice, and everything that is right. He defends us against our enemies and defeats them for us, just as he defeated the devil. He is seen as a short old man who holds a machete in one hand. He has a limp in his right leg, due to all the battles he has fought.

When he mounts, the horse never falls to the ground. Belie will then tie a green fula on his head and a red one across his chest. He is given his cigar which he puffs on contentedly, and given his tafia. Some houses also give him a green and red cloak that he may don.

He is commonly called upon to prepare resguardos (protections) for people. He is known to work with Candelo in order to do strong jobs for people. Many times Belie leaves and Candelo is the one who replaces him. They are compadres (like best friends) and the only time they fight would be in order to claim the head of a new caballo.

He is a gentleman with women and sometimes acts a little shy. He is known to work with Anaisa Pye and one will always find them next to each other in a Dominican Badji. They assist each other in the destruction of evil wanga.

Even though he is old, he has some very fast reflexes. He is quick to punish his servants for their misdeeds. He is very protective over his children. He will dispense wise advice and is very understanding of human frailties. Speaking in a low voice, he will let you know when you have done wrong. He has been known to destroy altars.

To serve Belie, you should give him a glass of rum and a cigar. An image of St. Michael should be there. His colors are red and green. Revocations can be done with him. Revocations are works that return the evil to the sender. They are usually done by filling a clear glass with some item inside the glass (depending on the type of work, Misterio, and other things) then a saucer is placed over the top. This is flipped over and a candle is lit on the bottom of the glass. Revocations prayers are made for a number of days depending on the revocation being done.

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