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Lave Tet 2016

Coming up in September 2016

Gade Nou Leve will be holding a Lave Tet.

To become a part of the Lave Tet, you need to:

  1.  Have a consultation.  You can order one here
  2.  Be able to come to the ceremony, it takes approximately 4.5 days.  We are located in NJ.
  3.  Get in contact with Soley at  in order to get the information you need.

Don’t know what is a Lave Tet?  Learn about it here


Thank you for Your Message

Hello Friend,

I hope you are well.

Thank you for your message.  I have put in some basic information about my services and help here, so as to make things as quick, easy and smooth for you as possible.

The first step before I can perform any service is a consultation.  The Consultation with the Spirits is required, as I must see if the Spirits agree to accept to help you, if we can help you and what needs to be done for you.  You can order a consultation at the following link:


Consultations are available over the phone, via email, and also in person.  Which reminds me of my next point, if you are looking to come to visit me in person here is our address:



OAKLYN, NJ   08107


Please make sure to have made an appointment in advance as I work by appointment only and the office is open by appointment.  Which brings me to my next point, if you need any further help or assistance, you can always reach out to my secretary and assistant at

His name is Soley and he will be more than happy to assist you.  If you are looking for classes in Sanse, 21 Divisions, Vodou or Magic, then you should check out the following site:

Hope that this helps and has gotten you started in the right direction.

Keep the faith,

Much Luck,

Papa Hector

PS- Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter on the site. . . . that way you will be kept up to date with all the latest offerings, happenings and new things going on here.

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